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OPINION: Why Maura Higgins is the real winner of Love Island

It has become the most-watched reality show since the downfall of Big Brother – and while we are all routing for couples to win tonight – Maura Higgins is the real winner of the show.

It goes without saying that the Longford beauty is set to be the big breakout star of the latest season.

Whether she wins or loses alongside her villa partner Curtis Pritchard, she is about to come out to a whole new life in the spotlight.


Little does she know huge Hollywood A-listers like Lena Dunham, Amy Schumer and Lily James have all been praising her for her honesty, her attitude towards men and her open mentality towards sex.

Maura was brought in to be hated (let’s be honest), she was the bombshell dropped into the villa to shake things up. Within hours the MMA ring girl had said she wanted to “jump” Tommy Fury, who was seemingly happy with Molly-Mae (now they’re the favourites to win).

We were all meant to hate her, but instead the entire nation has fallen in love with her.

While other islanders have kept coy about their sexual appetite, Maura has remained honest and open since she walked in the door.

Her now infamous tag line “fanny flutters” has opened up the conversations about sex among women in a way reality TV has never before.  She is Post-Modern Feminism wrapped in a cheeky Irish personality.

And let’s talk about probably the biggest scene of this series; when Maura stood up for herself against cast mate Tom Walker. After finally getting a night away in the hideaway, Tom ruined his chances of a romance when he questioned whether Maura was “all mouth” or not.

From ITV Studios

It felt like Maura was sticking up for every girl who had ever been slut-shamed by telling the Brit to “go f*** himself”. This moment will definitely go down in history, because men all over the world were taught a serious lesson; just because a girl talks openly about sex, just because a girl flirts with you, just because a girl is provocative, it doesn’t mean she wants to sleep with you.

Over night Maura went from being the sexy temptress there to steal Molly’s man, to the Queen of the show. Without a doubt Maura and Curtis are in the final because the Longford beauty is the viewers choice. No offence Curtis, but Maura is the reason you have made it this far.

Don’t get me wrong she has had her share of questionable moments – no one is perfect. First she all but jumped on Tommy and tried to kiss him when he very clearly didn’t want her to (ITV received a tonne of complaints).

Then she went after Curtis right after he crushed Amy Hart’s hopes and dreams. But you have to admire a woman like Maura who goes after what she wants.

And at the end of the day what I believe Maura has truly wanted all along is a place in the final… Not to hook up with Curtis.

From ITV Studios

And in a time when women like Meghan Markle are being villainised for going after status and stardom, I think it’s time we support ambitious women who climb to the top and aren’t apologetic about it. Men do it all the time, why can’t women?

Most Love Island finalists will rake in cash over the next few months, clothing deals, Instagram sponsored posts, club appearances – these will fade over time, but Maura is the one star who can keep on shining.

She is already rumoured to be landing her own chat show when she leaves the villa, and she’s already booked in for a huge Bellamianta tanning event taking place in Dublin next week.

The ironic thing is she was only ever meant to be joining the show as a member of Casa Amor, who knows if she would even have been picked by one of the lads at that stage?

Thankfully she arrived earlier than expected, got more air time than any other cast member and changed the narrative of how men treat women on shows like this.

From ITV Studios

She didn’t stand for sexism, she didn’t stand for slut-shaming, but what she has stood for is the real reason she deserves to win.

Maura Higgins is the modern woman that men should all learn to accept, to respect the type of woman we should all applaud, we should all Stan.

Forget the 50k Maura Higgins, you’ve won our damn respect.

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