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Nicola Coughlan teases ‘brilliant’ Derry Girls storylines ahead of new season

The Irish actress stars as Clare Devlin in the hit sitcom


Nicola Coughlan has teased “brilliant” Derry Girls storylines ahead of the new season.

The Galway native stars as Clare Devlin in the hit sitcom, which follows the lives of a group of friends who attend an all-girls school in Derry during the Troubles in the 90s.

While filming for the highly anticipated series has been postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic, the 34-year-old revealed she had spoken about the upcoming storylines with show creator Lisa McGee.

Speaking to the Belfast Telegraph, the Irish actress said: “We’re still waiting, because it’s integral to the show that we film in Derry.

“And we can’t do anything involving a crowd right now, so logistically, it’s really tough. But I spoke to Lisa McGee recently and she talked me through the storylines.

“They’re so brilliant, which doesn’t surprise me – she’s just incredible – but it made me want to do it right now,” she admitted.

“But we also want to do the best version of the show we can,” Nicola added.

“By hell or high water, we all want to make it work – if they said we could go tomorrow, trust me, we would all be there.”

The Irish star recently received high praise for her performance as Penelope Featherington in Netflix’s hit period drama Bridgerton.

Speaking about landing the role, Nicola told the publication: “I did one audition and got offered a role, which is completely unheard of. I had imposter syndrome times 100.”

Photo: Anthony Woods