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Miriam O'Callaghan: 'I went to a fertility doctor to help me get pregnant'


Miriam O’Callaghan has revealed she sought out a top UK doctor to help her get pregnant.

The RTE star is a mum of eight but admitted she sometimes feels bad about it because so many couples struggle to conceive.

Miriam divulged that she previously went to medical experts in London’s Harley Street after she found it difficult to get pregnant again after her first child.

Saturday Night with Miriam

Early days: Miriam went to a doctor for help getting pregnant

“The reason I say it publicly is because I always feel very privileged but guilty that I have managed to have eight healthy children,” she said.

“I had my first child in my early twenties but then I found it difficult to get pregnant again.”

“I was working on BBC Newsnight. I was working with a great presenter called Peter Snow. He used to work with Jeremy Paxman,” she told The Irish Daily Star.

“I was telling him that I hope to have another little baby and he said for me to go to Harley Street to see a doctor called Roger Clements.”


Guilt: Miriam admitted she sometimes feels guilty about having so many kids | BRIAN MCEVOY

Miriam went on to take a fertility drug and soon found herself pregnant with her second child and went on to have six more.

The chat show host remarked that the doctor even claimed to have a picture of her on his office wall as one of his biggest successes.

“He says jokingly that I’m his biggest success story.”

“The only reason I mention it is because I fully understand it is a very difficult issue for people – a lot of people find it difficult to get pregnant!”