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Michelle Visage says ‘we need to celebrate our bodies’ as she speaks out about her clothing style

Michelle Visage has said that “we need to celebrate our bodies” as she spoke out about her clothing style.

The Ireland’s Got Talent judge is set to return to Irish screens next month and has spoken out about her clothing for the upcoming season, after she was criticised for wearing a red dress with a low neckline at the talent show’s final last year.

When asked by the Irish Mirror if she plans on “toning down” her style, the 50-year-old responded: “Will I be toning it down? No, I don’t tone down anything for anybody. We need to celebrate our bodies.”

“I’m the mother of two children, those breasts fed those two children. My nipples weren’t hanging out for God’s sake. Women need to celebrate each other.”

Referencing last year’s criticism, Michelle added: “Why would you body-shame another woman? It was absolutely ridiculous, telling someone with large breasts they cannot wear a low-cut dress.”

“I don’t change for anybody. Come on this is 2019, this is not 1952,” the judge finished.

Ireland’s Got Talent is set to return to Virgin Media One on Saturday 2nd February at 7:30PM.

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