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Maura Higgins reveals why she got into HUGE trouble in the Love Island villa

The Longford beauty was scolded by producers

From ITV Studios

Maura Higgins has revealed that she got into serious trouble in the Love Island villa for getting “really drunk”.

The former ring girl shared a story from her time on the show during an IGTV video on The Late Late Show’s Instagram page.

The star appeared on the first episode of the brand new season last Friday with fellow Islanders Greg O’Shea and beau Curtis Pritchard.


During the Q&A session, one fan asked if Maura had ever gotten in trouble in the villa.

Maura cheekily replied, “I should never tell! But I’m gonna…”

The Longford native explained the rules surrounding alcohol in the villa, and said that each Islander only gets one or two drinks per night.

“Em… So every single night you get… some nights you get one glass of wine and some nights you get two. You get either a choice of beer or wine, I always chose wine,” she said.

From ITV Studios

“And one night I went into the larder, where the drinks get prepared and everything, and there’s like a water dispenser there.”

“I went in before everyone and I downed everyone’s wine and I filled it up with water,” Maura explained, “And, eh, yeah I got in really big trouble.”

Maura also revealed that her actions landed the whole Island in trouble.

“The whole Island got punished the following night because I got really drunk. But don’t tell anyone. I shouldn’t have probably said that, I’ll get in big trouble now.”