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Kim Kardashian reveals whether she’s REALLY considering a move to Wyoming

The reality star's husband Kanye West recently bought a huge ranch there


Kim Kardashian has revealed that she’s considering moving to Wyoming.

The 38-year-old appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday night, and Kim discussed moving away from her hometown of Los Angeles.

The mother-of-four said: “We love Wyoming, it’s always been such an amazing place. My husband [Kanye West] did just buy a ranch there, and his dream and his vision is to move there.”

Kim said her husband is “so excited to maybe be moving to Wyoming,” but the reality star doesn’t seem to sure about living there “full-time”.

She said: “I love LA, so I envision summers, I envision some weekends. But yeah, we love it.”

“It’s like, the prettiest place you’ve seen in your entire life. Even my sisters, everyone, we’ve had this dream of getting a ranch and just spending our summers there and getting away.”

According to TMZ, Kanye’s new property in Wyoming was previously known as “Monster Lake Ranch,” and it cost him a whopping $14 million.

The property was listed on the website of auction house J.P. King. (J.P. King Auction Company)

The 4,500 acre ranch boasts panoramic views of the stunning Rocky Mountains, and Kanye thinks it’s the “perfect place to create his music”.

During Kim’s appearance on The Tonight Show, the reality star and Jimmy also faced off in a game where they take turns being forced to randomly reveal things from their phone on the spot.