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Lottie Ryan ‘delighted’ mum Morah has found love again: ‘She deserves to be happy’

Morah is dating Limerick songwriter Don Mescall

Morah and her daughter Lottie | VIPIRELAND.COM

Lottie Ryan has revealed she’s “delighted” her mother Morah has found love again with Don Mescall.

And the RTÉ 2fm presenter thinks her late dad Gerry would approve of Morah’s new relationship too, as he would have wanted her to be “happy”.

Speaking to the Irish Sun, Lottie said: “After everything that ­happened, I know all my dad would want is for my mum is to be happy — and she is really, really happy.”

“All the kids had been saying to her that we wanted her to find someone and now it’s ­happened, we’re so happy.”

Morah and Don (far right) pictured with Dave & Ursula Fanning, and Pat & Kathy Kenny | VIPIRELAND.COM

“We’re delighted for Mum. Smiling, and laughing and living life and enjoying it, that’s all we want for Mum,” Lottie continued. “I’m thrilled for her, and think she deserves to be happy. Her whole life has been about us kids.”

“Particularly for the last ten years ­following my dad’s death. She gave us every inch. All she wanted to do was ensure we were protected after Dad died.”

“So I am delighted she’s now able to pause for a moment and have time for herself. Live her life and be really happy. That’s all we want for her.”

Morah’s relationship with the Limerick songwriter was first reported back in December.

The pair had originally met at RTÉ when Morah and Gerry’s daughter Bonnie performed ‘I’m Out’, a single she had co-written with Don, on The Ray D’Arcy Show back in 2016.

Years later, Morah and Don reconnected at the Celebration of Shay Healy gig in Dublin’s Gaiety Theatre on November 3, 2019.

Lottie said: “I’m sure it was very ­daunting for Don coming in and meeting any family where there’s five protective kids, who are so protective of their mother — and who all have very strong personalities and are a little bit crazy and weird as a family.”

“Bonnie had given us the ­low-down on Don and he turned out to be as genuine as she promised. He was a really chilled, laid back guy. If it was daunting for Don meeting us, well he didn’t show it.”

Lottie Ryan, Morah Ryan, Babette Ryan and Bonnie Ryan | Brian McEvoy

“It probably helped he knew Bonnie but we all ­realised quite quickly that Don was the real deal and Mum was so calm and comfortable.”

Morah split from legendary broadcaster Gerry Ryan back in 2008 after 26 years of marriage.

Two years later, the presenter died suddenly on April 30th, 2010, at the age of 53.

During their marriage, Morah and Gerry welcomed five children together – Lottie, 32, Rex, 30, Bonnie, 26, Elliott 24, and Babette, 19.

Morah Ryan and Gerry Ryan | VIPIRELAND.COM