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Jennifer Zamparelli reveals she wants to get matching tattoos with her husband

The RTÉ star recently shared her plans to get a tattoo removed


Jennifer Zamparelli has revealed she wants to get matching tattoos with her husband.

The Irish presenter and her husband Lau tied the knot back in 2014, with the RTÉ star admitting the couple never wear their wedding rings.

Speaking on her RTE 2fm radio show, the 40-year-old discussed Brooklyn Beckham’s latest tattoo tribute to his fiancée Nicola Peltz.

“I have been trying to get [Lau] to get a tattoo, I want to get tattoo wedding rings because we never wear our rings,” she explained.


“There have been a couple examples on Instagram as of late where people have been proclaiming their undying love for their partner because it’s their birthday or their anniversary or they got out of the bed or they had a nice dinner.

“Initially I’m like, ‘Oh for god’s sake enough of the public displays of affection,’ but that’s only because I’m not getting them myself,” Jennifer confessed.

“I’m not getting those public displays of affection, he’s not that kind of man and I thought, ‘You know what’s wrong with it? What’s wrong with your man or your woman telling the world how much they love you?’

“I think it’s a dying art I think we need to do more of it, and why not do it?”

Jennifer recently revealed her plans to remove a tattoo which she “regrets wholeheartedly”.

“I have a Chinese symbol on my arm,” she shared, “I regret it wholeheartedly.

“I can’t wait to get it lasered off me as soon as I can. I’m hanging onto it because it’s very sore to get it lasered off yeah it’s extremely sore.

“No tattoo is the new tattoo,” she added.