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James Patrice shares upset after receiving cruel comments about his weight

The social media star has admitted the comments made him feel "down"


James Patrice has admitted he was feeling “down” yesterday, after receiving cruel comments about his weight.

Earlier this week, the Dublin native shared a hilarious weather report sketch on social media – but sadly his post attracted a few mean comments.

Taking to his Instagram Story last night, James thanked his followers for their positive reaction to the sketch – but said he received some unnecessary comments about his appearance.

James said: “I got, literally, just one or two comments that just kind of struck something with me, and took the wind out of me sails.”

“Now gals, I realise there are far more important things in the world than a few random comments, and it’s very trivial, but saying things like that when there’s enough shite in world, it’s just a bit unnecessary.”

“I had that blazer on me in the video yesterday, now I wasn’t even minding, but the blazer is obviously feckin’ a bit bet onto me, because I, like a lot of people, have probably put on a little bit of weight during the aul global pandemic.”

“I can’t believe I’m even talking about it cause it’s so ridiculous, but one or two little comments just got to me a bit. ”

James then shared a screenshot of the two mean comments, and said: “Now, look, who gives a shite. But basically those comments were obviously targeting the fact that the blazer was tight on me because I have put weight on… stupid stuff.”

“It’s just things like that that really piss me off sometimes. I just always wonder what possesses someone to say those kind of things, because what does my weight have to do with anything?” James continued.

“I suppose my long winded point is… if you’ve nothing nice to see, or nothing relevant to say, about someone’s appearance… like why bother saying it?”

“As you know, I like to go through life appreciating it, and not letting silly things get me down, but today it just kind of hit me.”

James later thanked his followers for sending him such kind messages, and said: “Sure isn’t it a lot easier to just smile, have a laugh and keep her lit ????????.”