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Inside Ireland’s first music festival in over a year

A pilot music festival took place at the Royal Hospital in Kilmainham, Dublin on Saturday.

The event, which was attended by 3,500 people, was Ireland’s first music festival in almost 16 months.

Gavin James headlined the gig, with Wild Youth, Lyra, Denise Chaila, Wyvern Lingo and Sharon Shannon also performing on the night.

Attendees took rapid antigen tests before heading to the outdoor event, which kicked off at 3:30pm.

Festival-goers were divided into pods of fours and sixes, and had to wear face masks whenever they left their pods.

The Irish government also trialed sustainability solutions at the event by using a reusable cups system, where fans were given cups made from quality polypropylene at the bar that they could then return to the dedicated cup return stations around the venue.

The festival ended just after 10pm with a stunning fireworks display.


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