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Hilarious video of a fan’s mother recognising Niall Horan goes viral

A hilarious video of a fan’s mother recognising Niall Horan has gone viral on social media.

The 28-year-old singer was sitting outside a restaurant recently when a fan walked by and thought she recognised him.

However, she was too scared to approach the star so got her mother to do so instead.


In the viral video, the fan’s mother approached Niall and said: “My teenage daughter thinks you are some pop star?”

The Mullingar native was clearly amused by her comment, and laughed: “Some pop star! My name is Niall.”

The mother then eagerly shouted: “You are Niall! Oh my god!”

The former One Direction star then asked the mother to “shh” to avoid other people in the restaurant from hearing.

Picture Andres Poveda

The video concluded with the mother asking, “Okay. Can she take a selfie? She actually dared me to do this.”

Niall politely agreed, before the woman walked off to get her daughter.

Since it was posted on Monday, the video has garnered over 3 million views and 755k likes on TikTok.

You can watch it in full below:

@nunu69696Mother humbled nial horran♬ original sound – nunu


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