Farewell Xposé: 10 Of The Most Memorable Moments From The Show Over The Years

The final episode airs this evening


Xposé is coming to an end after 12 years on air this evening, truly marking the end of an era.

Virgin Media decided to axe the entertainment programme amid a schedule change, leaving longtime fans of the show devastated.

So, ahead of the final episode airing this evening, we’re taking a look back at some of the shows best and funniest moments.

That Time Vincent Browne Hosted The Show With Glenda Gilson

Vincent Browne, who is more used to political commentary and serious topics, took on the task of co-hosting an episode with Xposé veteran, Glenda Gilson, a few years back.

Of course, the results were absolutely gas, and it’s still just as funny to watch back now.

When Karen Koster Interviewed Rihanna

Karen Koster got the chance to sit down with R’n’B superstar, Rihanna, back in 2012.

They talked about her upcoming film at the time, as well as her infamous clash with an Irish farmer over filming her video for We Found Love.

An iconic interview for the Xposé team.

When Lisa Cannon Celebrated Her Birthday On A Rollercoaster

This footage of former Xposé hosts Lisa Cannon and Peter O’Riordan riding the Cú Chulainn rollercoaster at Taylor Park was TV gold.

In a hilarious segment, Lisa and Peter tried their best to enjoy birthday cake as they sped around the rollercoaster track.

If you haven’t seen it already, please watch it ????

That Exclusive Interview With Queen Bey

Beyoncé doesn’t give interviews anymore, and even when she did, they were rare.

Xposé were lucky enough to nab an exclusive interview with the star back in 2011, at the launch of her perfume ‘Pulse’ in NYC.

That Time Karen Koster Tried Out Pole Dancing

In archive footage from the entertainment show, Xposé host Karen Koster can be seen trying out pole dancing!

The activity became a really popular form of exercise among celebs years ago, and Karen took on the challenge for research purposes.

Slay Karen!

Glenda Gilson’s Chaotic Interview With Jedward

Glenda Gilson tried her best to stay composed while interviewing the giddy twins back in 2012.

The pair had just released their new single Waterline, and were about to compete for a chance to represent Ireland at the Eurovision for a second time.

When Sean Munsanje Won ‘Total Xposure’

Back in 2009, Xposé hosted an exciting competition to find a fifth presenter for their show.

Total Xposure saw 10 competitors undergo various tasks to win themselves a job on the entertainment programme – and Sean Munsanje came out on top!

Victoria Beckham’s Chat With Karen Koster

Fashion designer, former Spice Girl, and all round icon Victoria Beckham sat down with Karen for a chin-wag about parenting, her love for Ireland, and her beauty collection.

Victoria rarely visits Ireland or sits down for on-camera interviews for that matter, so this was a pretty big moment.

That Time Glenda Gilson Interviewed Khloe Kardashian

Back before KKW Beauty or Kylie Cosmetics, the Kardashians had a couple of failed ventures into the beauty world.

Their first line Khroma Beauty barely lasted in stores, then they launched Kardashian Beauty which didn’t last too long either.

Glenda Gilson had the opportunity to interview Khloe at the launch in 2013.


Every Time Xposé Covered The Gossies

We couldn’t make this list without including Xposé’s coverage of our own annual awards show, The Gossies.

We always loved having the team from Xposé there, and red carpets in Ireland won’t be the same without them.


The final episode of Xposé airs tonight on Virgin Media One at 6pm.