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Fans LOVED last night’s Living with Lucy episode with Gemma Collins

The TOWIE star also admitted to having a huge crush on Brian McFadden


Fans loved last night’s Living with Lucy episode with Gemma Collins.

It was the episode that we were all eagerly awaiting for and it seemed that Gemma herself couldn’t wait to watch it.

The star took to Instagram and said that she had a blast filming with Lucy Kennedy.

Many fans praised the presenter on Instagram for the brilliant episode and one wrote: “It looked like great Craic.. great episode. Well done!”

“Was great ????” another viewer said.

Fans have also taken to Twitter to show their love for the programme.

Gemma was open about her love for Ireland on the show and spoke about a programme she filmed with Katherine Lynch in 2012: “So my very first memory, I’d never been to Dublin before and I filmed that show and I met David Guest on the show, God rest his soul so when we left the show I was like I wanna go and see Westlife.”

The 37-year-old also revealed that she dated an Irish man: “I did date this Irish guy. I loved how he spoke and he was fantastic in bed, Lucy. Unbelievable. He was huge. HUGE. I was very upset when it ended.”

“And obviously that’s why I’ve got a real love for the Irish,” she stated.

Living with Lucy airs every Monday on Virgin Media One at 9PM.

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