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EXCLUSIVE! Ryan Tubridy says Maura Higgins SAVED Love Island – and hopes to have her on The Late Late Show

The broadcaster became a big fan of the show this year


Ryan Tubridy has praised Longford native Maura Higgins for “saving” this year’s season of Love Island.

The TV presenter got roped into watching it because of his kids, but quickly became a fan of the show this year thanks to Maura’s Irish charm.

And now, Ryan hopes to have Maura on The Late Late Show very soon, as well as this year’s winners Greg O’Shea and Amber Gill.

Speaking about Love Island at the launch of RTÉ’s New Season, Ryan told Goss.ie: “I was going around the country this summer listening to people talk about Brexit and Love Island, and I was thinking – Love Island is so funny, it was won by Greg, but it was SAVED by an Irish woman.”

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“Maura rescued that, that thing was turning into a muck bucket that was only fit for a car that was going to be crushed and shoved into the sea.”

“I just love it,” Ryan admitted. “I love the fact that an Irish man led the English cricket team to victory in the World Cup, an Irish man won the British Golf Open, and an Irish man won Love Island.”

“But it was an Irish woman who rescued it. So there was so much that was going on in the country for Irish people, and it was great, and the Love Island thing was just a phenomenon.”

Ryan Tubridy at RTÉ’s new season launch | Andres Poveda

When asked if he’s going to have any Love Island stars on the Late Late, Ryan said: “Yeah. I am very, very keen to have them on. And I am very hopeful that they are going to be on show one.”

Watch more of our interview with Ryan below – which includes some juicy gossip about this year’s Late Late Toy Show: