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Dominique Nugent shares sweet video of the moment her boyfriend Paddy proposed

Dominique Nugent has shared a sweet video of the moment her boyfriend Paddy proposed.

The Irish influencer, who got engaged earlier this week on her birthday, took to Instagram to share the romantic clip.

The Dubliner captioned the post: “On Monday night Paddy said he had to fly to our hotel reception that he had a surprise for my birthday that had obviously gone wrong. He had me waiting on the balcony for what I thought might be a bottle of bubbles.”

“5 minutes later there was a knock on my hotel room door and I was greeted with a staff member with a rose and a letter and she told me to follow her.”

“I read the first letter and we took a lift to where she handed me another rose and another letter. A third and final rose was waiting for me at the bottom of these steps.”

“By this stage my legs were like jelly and my heart was racing but nothing could have prepared me for what was about to happen 💍,” Dominique added.

Dominique announced her engagement on Tuesday evening, writing: “Last night Paddy organised the most special birthday surprise of my life when he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.”

“I’m actually still in shock!! The whole night felt like a dream and I didn’t want it to end. My heart has never felt so full of happiness and love.”

”He walked back into my life 18 months ago and made me realise what it’s truly like to be loved by someone. From our first date I felt like everything that happened in my life had been leading me back to him and into what would become the best time of my life.”

“I couldn’t have wished for a more amazing person to share my life with. I feel so lucky every single day that our lives brought us back together and gave us a second chance at love.” Dominique added.

”In such a short space of time I feel like we have shared so many amazing experiences and I can’t wait for our future. I can’t wait to grow old together.”

Dominique was previously engaged to her longterm boyfriend Damien Quirke, but she called off their wedding after a heartbreaking “betrayal”.


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