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Deirdre O’Kane admits she’s ‘always worried’ about her finances

The comedian has opened up about the struggle of being an artist in Ireland

Picture: Andres Poveda

Deirdre O’Kane has admitted she’s “always worried” about her finances.

The popular presenter spoke to Goss.ie before the premiere of her brand new talk show ‘Deirdre O’Kane Talks Funny’ – which will see her get up close and personal with some of Ireland’s most renowned names.

While the 52-year-old admitted she was “excited” about her new show, this year hasn’t been smooth-sailing for Deirdre, with the ongoing pandemic affecting the livelihoods of many working in the entertainment industry.

“I worry, but I’ve always worried financially,” she confessed.

Picture: Andres Poveda

“I’m fairly representative I think of most artists, in that I have a good year followed by a bad year, followed by a good year, followed by a half decent year…

“That’s the nature of being a self-employed, artist-y person. The good thing about us is that if we have a good year, it usually lasts for three years.

“We always have to have this little fund for a rainy day which is always just around the corner,” she added.

“I guess people think that you have money because you’re on the telly, but this is Ireland so it’s a different ball game.”

“Ironically, this is a good year having expected it to be a terrible year,” Deirdre revealed.

But the comedian admitted “most of her friends” were in “a lot of trouble” amid the pandemic.

“I’m very worried about my fellow comics who don’t have TV work and are dependant on the live work.

“I’m genuinely worried for them because they have mortgages, they have small children… It’s really really tough.”

On her brand new show, Deirdre will reminisce with her guests about their career highlights, giving viewers an intimate yet funny insight into some of the country’s favourite celebs.

Deirdre revealed her first guest will be Irish comedian and actor Pat Shortt, with the presenter admitting the audience would get to see another side of the star.

“Pat’s a very easy-going, positive, pretty upbeat kind of guy, but I think his backstory and childhood is really interesting,” Deirdre shared.

The six-part series begins on Saturday, November 7 on RTÉ One at 9:10pm.

Picture: Andres Poveda