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Coronation Street couple pose for first time together and reveal Irish heritage

Cathedral opening 7

Coronation Street actors Georgia Maye Foote and Sean Ward step out for the first time together as a couple and reveal Irish heritage.

The stunning couple arrived to the red carpet for the launch of Cathedral in Maynooth and told about their Irish roots.

“I absolutely love it here. I’ve always had a really really nice response over here,” Georgia said.

Cathedral opening 8

Corrie: Georgia was hugely popular in the soap | BRIAN MCEVOY

Meanwhile her boyfriend Sean Ward, who plays Callum Logan in the legendary soap revealed that his family is Irish.

“My family is from Ireland. My mums from Cork and my dads from Galway”, he said.

When asked about visiting Ireland Sean added that he has come over on frequent occasions.

Georgia May Foote

Love: The couple pose for the first time together | BRIAN MCEVOY

“Yeah a lot but mainly for funerals,” he added.

The attractive couple also admitted that they would love to come over to Ireland for the TV IFTA’s.

“Yeah they’d be really interesting actually. Nice to see something different. BAFTA’s are so exciting,” Georgia said.


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