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Colin Farrell happy that his ‘incredible fame’ has faded

Colin Farrell has revealed he is glad his period of immense fame is over.

The Dublin actor sat down for an interview with Hugh Grant, where they both talked fame.

“I don’t feel part of it at all – the whole fame thing and celebrity thing,” Colin admitted.

“I mean, I really don’t. When I started – when I was lucky enough to get me first American film – then it all went mad so fast for me and I had a period of maybe five or six years of incredible fame and recognisability and all that.

“It was madness,” he explained.

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Fame: Colin says his life has finally calmed down

Colin joked that since then he has had some movie flops, and that’s resulted in his life being a bit more quiet.

“That’s since gone – a few films that didn’t quite work at the box office! God, having films that are seen by audiences if they’re good and they connect is a wonderful thing, but I’m glad that period of madness is over for me in my life.”

And if you were hoping to find a secret Snapchat account or Twitter for Colin, think again, as the actor said he has no interest in social media.

“Two or three times a year I may stamp on a red carpet and do some interviews or do this kind of thing.

“Outside of that, social media I don’t have and I feel very outside of it,” he admitted.



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