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CBB’s Chloe Ferry ‘fancies’ one half of Jedward – but she doesn’t know which one

In her defence, they are pretty hard to tell apart


Chloe Ferry admitted that she fancies either John or Edward Grimes – she’s just not sure which one.

The reality star spoke to Rylan Clark-Neal after being eliminated from Celebrity Big Brother, where she revealed she had a secret crush on either John or Edward Grimes.

The Geordie Shore star told Rylan, “You know what? You aren’t going to believe this, [I will keep in touch with] Jedward. I started to actually fancy one of them!”


Fancy: Chloe has admitted to fancying one of the Dublin twins | CHANNEL 5

Rylan replied with, “Who? What one?” To which Chloe answered, “I’m not telling.”

The presenter then questioned Chloe by saying, “Do you know what one?”

Chloe then reluctantly admitted, “No. I don’t know which one!”

The 21-year-old was given a warning by Big Brother earlier this week after “unacceptable” behaviour towards John. After she rubbed her naked bum on him when she got out of the shower.