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Bressie reveals why he would never ‘in a million years’ sign up for Dancing With The Stars


Bressie has revealed that he would never “in a million years” take part in RTÉ’s Dancing With The Stars.

Although the station is yet to recommission a second series, producers are keeping an eye out for potential contestants – but, they better look the other way when it comes to former Voice of Ireland coach Bressie.

“RTE don’t have the insurance for me to dance. I will injure many people and make a fool of myself doing it,” he told the Herald.

“I would never do it, not in a million years,” he said. “You have to give up your day job to do it. The time commitment is insane.”

Enough was enough: Bressie acted as a coach on The Voice of Ireland for all five seasons | RTE

Dancing With The Stars replaced The Voice of Ireland on RTÉ One, which Bressie acted as a coach on for all five seasons.

Although he loved the show, The Blizzards frontman admitted that the singing competition had definitely run it’s course.

“The Voice and Dancing With The Stars are entertainment television. I think The Voice had its day anyway.

“I think we could have pushed it for another year or two, but we don’t live in a big enough country to get the constant talent coming through all the time. The UK have such a big population.”

“I loved it, but five years is like dog years in TV, it’s like 30 years in television,” he added.