Bressie: ‘I’m 100% done with TV shows’


Bressie has revealed that he’s ‘100% done with TV shows’.

The Blizzards star made the confession after The Voice of Ireland was cancelled – which he acted as a coach on.

When asked if he’d take part in RTÉ Dancing With The Stars, the very show that replaced The Voice, Bressie said I’m “100% done with those TV shows – I am out”.

“I cannot dance to save my life. I am pathetic. I have two left feet. I am so bad. I am not a dancer and I will not be on the Irish Strictly,” he told the Irish Mirror.


No way: Bressie has no interest in Dancing With The Stars | VIPIRELAND.COM

Speaking about the The Voice of Ireland getting axed, Bressie admitted that he’s glad it’s over.

“The Voice was huge for me but I’m glad it’s over and it came to an end when it was doing well. It’s the right time,” he said.

Bressie also opened up about feeling anxious when it comes to talking to girls, after he split from Roz Purcell earlier this year.

“When a girl comes up to talk to me my anxiety kicks in and I just change the subject to sausages and start talking about different brands of sausages. I’m not joking,” he laughed.


Outspoken: Bressie gets into trouble sometimes on Twitter | RTE

The Mullingar native also admitted that he sometimes gets into trouble for how outspoken he is on Twitter, after he hit out at the Olympics’ ‘rampant corruption’.

“I worry about it. And yes, I regret some things I have said on Twitter.

“I say what I think and like and sometimes that backfires. I need it for work but I don’t have a manager telling me to stop or edit my tweets,” he added.