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Amy Huberman admits pregnancy was ‘lovely surprise’ after trying for long time

The actress is expecting her third child with Brian O'Driscoll


Amy Huberman has admitted her pregnancy was a “lovely surprise” after trying for a long time.

The actress is expecting her third child with Brian O’Driscoll, and the couple are already parents to two kids – Sadie, 7, and Billy, 5.

Speaking to the Irish Mirror about her pregnancy, Amy said: “It was a surprise, but we had hoped it was going to happen so it wasn’t that much of a surprise.”

“It took us a little bit longer than we had hoped or imagined it would, but it was lovely.”

“So it was a lovely surprise but we wanted it to happen… And something nice to focus on over the last few months.”

When asked about her journey to getting pregnant, Amy said: “Sometimes there is very little control over these things.”

“It just took a little bit longer, you know, I am that bit older, but now that I am pregnant and it is happening you kind of focus on the time that is. So I’m just feeling grateful for that.”

The Finding Joy star also revealed she’s due in early January, but could give birth before then.

Amy explained: “I was early with Sadie, I wasn’t with Billie, so it will be after Christmas and then everyone is starting to talk about Christmas and I am not prepared.”


The expectant mother then expressed her sympathy for first time parents this year, due to current restrictions in hospital.

Amy said: “It’s my third time going back to Holles Street and it’s definitely a different kind of vibe and I really feel sorry for first time dads and mothers, it’s so hard for the mums.”

“And especially if people are having difficulty or they are having bad news, and have to do that on your own. And then there is the other parent who can’t be involved as much so it is really difficult and a really lonely time when people feel vulnerable to begin with.


“I feel more for first time parents though. For me yes it would be an added bonus but I really feel for people who are going through it for the first time because it registers in a different way and to not have that or to go on that journey it is really difficult.

“And especially for women who have struggled, or had different pregnancies, that will have to do that on their own, it’s just another layer of how s**t this whole thing is,” she added.


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