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Prince Harry admits he warned Meghan not to ‘mimic’ his late mother Princess Diana

Prince Harry had admitted he once warned his wife Meghan Markle not to “mimic” his late mother Princess Diana.

In his new memoir SPARE, which was released today, the 38-year-old reveals he told Meghan not to take a photo in front of the Taj Mahal before she flew to India.

The Duke of Sussex said he feared people would think she was trying to recreate an iconic image of the Princess of Wales sitting in front of the landmark.

Back in 1992, Princess Diana was pictured sitting alone in front of the Taj Mahal during a tour of India.

The photo was seen as a symbol of her broken marriage to Prince Charles, as the couple formally separated that December.

In his book, Harry recalls telling Meghan: “Do not take a photo in front of the Taj Mahal. She’d asked why and I’d said: My mum.”

“I’d explained that my mother had posed for a photo there, and it had become iconic, and I didn’t want anyone thinking Meg was trying to mimic my mother.”

“Meg had never heard of this photo, and found the whole thing baffling, and I loved her for being baffled.”

Elsewhere in the book, Harry also admits it was Meghan who made the first move on Instagram, after a mutual friend helped to connect the pair.

After showing interest in Meghan when he came across a funny video of her, their mutual pal asked Harry if it would be OK to give her his private Instagram handle.

Harry agreed, and Meghan later sent him a message complimenting his Instagram feed – which was mostly photos from his trips to Africa.


The pair quickly exchanged phone numbers and began texting “late into the night” on July 1, 2016 – which happened to be his late mother’s birthday.

The couple opened up about how they first met in their Netflix docu-series, which was released last month.

Meghan poked fun at Harry for being late to their first date, and revealed how he invited her on a trip to Botswana after just two dates.


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