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Nicky Byrne wanted to 'fix band's problems' and not end Westlife


Nicky Byrne has revealed he fought against Westlife ending – and was the last to agree to throw the towel in.

The 2FM presenter admitted he wanted to “fix problems” rather than give up after 14 years at the top in 2012.

“Some things you might do as a band don’t reflect your own thoughts and personalities – that can be a good thing but it can also be frustrating,” he added.

“I was the last one to come round to the idea of Westlife ending because I am more the kind of person who likes to fix problems rather than throwing in the towel.

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“But when we went our separate ways it worked well. We had to grow up sometime. There’s never the right time for the end of anything.

“But when it happens and you move on, you have to do things for yourself, answer for yourself. And you’re out there on your own as Nicky Byrne.”

And Nicky – who Goss.ie reported is on the brink of signing a big movie deal for one of his solo tracks – finds it weird still seeing his ex-bandmates without him.


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“We spent so long together we always knew that if we needed one of the others they would be on the end of a phone line. That never changed, we didn’t fall out and it was strange for us all,” he told the Irish Mirror.

“It’s weird seeing Shane performing on his own, watching Kian in the jungle just as it must have been weird for them to watch me on Strictly.

“But they became more normal as time went by. It never won’t be strange but as time goes on it will be more natural. After giving so much of our time to Westlife we all deserve to be able to do our own stuff.”