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Jedward reveal they're secretly great friends with The Killers and Muse

Pop twins Jedward have revealed that rockers The Killers are their biggest fans.

The Eurovision twins admitted that Brandon Flowers’ band can’t get enough of them – after meeting at an MTV awards ceremony.

And Edward revealed that Muse are also great fans of them, with John ever arm-wrestling their drummer.


“The Killers are really cool. It’s the groups you wouldn’t expect to be Jedward fans or ‘accepting’ towards us that are,” he said.


Fans: The Killers love Jedward

“We met them at the MTV European Music Awards one year, and then at the X Factor final. The X Factor final was funny, they didn’t know anybody, just us.

“Dermot O’Leary introduced himself to them, then they made a beeline for us – the familiar faces. Oh, and Muse.

“John actually arm-wrestled the drummer, that was also at the European Music Awards in 2012 or 2013.”

And Edward added in an interview with the Irish World that they finally feel they have made the music they want – after writing all of their fourth album.

Jedward launch their Christmas 2013 Olympia Theatre panto

Strong: John arm-wrestled Muse drummer | VIPIRELAND.COM

“All the music for the fourth album was written by us, which was brilliant because we could see what direction the song was going,” he said.

“You find the concept, then the chorus. There’s some guitar and EDM in there, it’s not all dance music.

“Our music before wasn’t 100% what we wanted, but this album is 100% us, it feels like our first album. We’ve always done what we wanted, but writing your own songs and having people like them is something different.”


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