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Love/Hate star Peter Coonan set for priesthood in new role


Peter Coonan is set to star as a priest in his latest film, Aithrí/Penance.

The Love/Hate star is best known for playing Fran on the show, and is set to take on a completely different role for his new film as Father Eoin O’Donnell – a passionate priest who influences his parishioners in the run-up to the 1916 Rising.

“I was attracted to this role primarily because of the challenge it posed but also because it was a chance to dive into the psyche of a man in 1916 Ireland,” he said.


New role: Peter starred as Fran in the hit show Love/Hate | RTE

The story follows Father Eoin, 53 years later, when he meets Antaine in Derry – one of his parishioners that he influenced during the Rising.

“The fact that it happens to be a priest is just another interesting layer that makes it a really exciting role for an actor,” he told RTE Entertainment.

The film is currently in production in Ramelton, Co Donegal and Derry City.

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