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TikTok star Addison Rae opens up about her friendship with Kourtney Kardashian

The 19-year-old has been getting close to the Kardashian clan in recent months


Addison Rae has opened up about her friendship with Kourtney Kardashian.

The social media star has been spending a lot of time with Kourtney in recent months, with the pair dancing together on TikTok and hanging out at Kourtney’s house.

Speaking to E! News, the 19-year-old expressed her admiration for the reality star – calling Kourtney “loving” and “genuine”.

“I’ve had such an amazing time spending time with Kourtney and meeting the family,” she shared.

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“They’re all just such loving people that genuinely care about each other. That just continuously inspires me.”

“They all have such an amazing bond that I always valued in my family, so it really just makes me love them even more as people, because not everyone gets to see every second.”

“It just really shows you how genuine they are. It’s not all just for the show, it’s how they really are,” she added.

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Addison also shared the piece of advice Kourtney offered her, ahead of launching her new beauty collection ITEM Beauty.

“Everyone that I’ve met in the industry has all pretty much said the same thing. Just be confident in what you produce and really do what you love, because at the end of the day your ideas and your happiness is what’s really important.”

“Using that [advice] to fuel my inspiration was really beneficial.”

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The TikTok sensation previously revealed that she was introduced to the Kardashian clan by popular YouTuber David Dobrik – after Kourtney’s eldest son Mason expressed his love for the star.

“I met Kourtney through a friend, through David,” Addison told The Tom Ward Show, “We surprised Mason, because Mason liked my videos on TikTok.”

“I kind of just stuck around and we got really close. We started working out together. We did a video on her YouTube of us doing a butt workout and stuff, so that was fun,” she added.

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My husband’s girlfriend and I exchanging stories.

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