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Lisa Jordan admits she’s ’emotional’ as she prepares to leave newborn baby in hospital

The Cork native welcomed her son a month early on Sunday


Lisa Jordan has admitted she’s feeling “emotional”, as she prepares to leave her newborn son in hospital.

The Cork influencer welcomed her third child on Sunday – a month earlier than expected – and while she is being released from hospital today, her son needs to be kept in so he can be monitored in a neonatal unit.

“I’m heading home today,” she shared with her Instagram followers, “I’m a little bit emotional today because the fact that I’ve to leave without the baby is going to be quite difficult.”


“I’m going to go down and see him and then pack up all my bits and just head home and get the house organised.”

“I don’t know when exactly I can take him home but like I said, he’s in a cot now – he’s not in an incubator. He’s flying it so it’s just precaution,” she added.

“He’s fine and healthy, it’s just emotional leaving him behind. I can come back and forth, I’ve just got to keep myself busy now because I’ll get very sad if I sit at home.”

The mother-of-three admitted she was unprepared for her son’s surprise arrival.

“Obviously because I’m not due for a month, I have lots of works planned. I have trips planned and launches, so everything is up in the air now.”

“I’ve to get the house in order. I’ve no cot or nothing – we didn’t even have nappies! That’s how unprepared I was,” she laughed.

Lisa also thanked her followers for their love and support over the past two days.

“I just want to say thank you for all your love, it doesn’t go unnoticed – every comment, every message,” she said.

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