Madonna claims she’s resistant to coronavirus and is looking forward to ‘breathing in Covid-19 air’

The singer has been making quarantine video diaries


Madonna has claimed that she is looking forward to breathing in Covid-19 air, because she has “coronavirus antibodies.”

The singer made her wild statements in a bizarre video she uploaded to Instagram, which she captioned “Quarantine Diary #14.”

As she sat at an old typewriter in a dimly-lit room, Madonna calmly stated that following a test, she found out that she is resistant to the dangerous Covid-19 virus.

The 61-year-old explained: “Took a test the other day and I found out I have the antibodies.”


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She continued: “So tomorrow I am just  going to go for a long drive in a car and I’m going to roll down the window and I’m going to breathe in the Covid-19 air. I hope the sun is shining.”

During the video, Madonna also discussed arguing with her family during lockdown.

She said: “It amazes me that we care so much about what people think or winning people’s favour, or being right in an argument.”

“I hate myself for this pettiness. I want to be released from the bondage of giving a f***.”

Instagram – Madonna

Madonna continued to muse over writing, and said: “People don’t understand the power of words, that words are actions and we can’t take them back.”

The icon finished off her video by addressing her candle: “Now you must go to bed you naughty little candle,” before blowing it out.

Instagram – Madonna

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