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Kendall Jenner ‘feels terrible’ about Pepsi ad – but Kris Jenner has a plan

Kendall Jenner ‘feels terrible’ about the Pepsi advert she starred in, but her mother Kris Jenner has been coming up with a plan.

Pepsi faced huge backlash because of the commercial, and they have since pulled it.

Many people voiced their outrage, including Martin Luther King’s daughter Bernice King.

Kendall went home to Los Angeles from Paris on Friday and is spending most of her time with her supportive family.

Backlash: Kendall faced terrible backlash after starring in the Pepsi advert | YOUTUBE

A source told People, “Kendall is still not happy about the controversy. She plans on laying low until things calm down. She still talks about it a lot and has support from her family.

“She was very excited. She never expected it to receive such backlash. She hopes people understand that she wasn’t involved in the creative process.

“She has no desire to be a part of something controversial. She is very aware of the backlash and [is] not happy. They are coming up with a plan on how to deal with it. She has been talking to [her mother Kris Jenner] about it.”


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