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Emily in Paris fans are calling for Kim Cattrall to join the series as Samantha Jones

Emily in Paris fans are calling for Kim Cattrall to join the series as her iconic Sex and the City character, Samantha Jones.

In case you didn’t know, Emily in Paris and Sex and the City were both created by director Darren Star, which has lead fans to believe there could be an epic crossover.

As per new episodes of the SATC reboot ‘And Just Like That’, Samantha is absent from the series as she’s moved to London, where she continues to work in PR.

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Samantha’s convenient move overseas was written into the revival series, as Kim Cattrall refused to sign up for the new show.

The actress has had a long running feud with her former co-star Sarah Jessica Parker, and has repeatedly ruled out returning to the franchise.

However, some fans are convinced she could reprise her role as Samantha to make a cameo in Emily in Paris.

Emily In Paris | Netflix

In season two of the Netflix series (spoiler alert!), Emily’s new love interest Alfie moves back to London – lining up a potential visit to the UK in season three. 

On Twitter, one fan suggested: “So If Emily from Emily In Paris ends up following Alfie to London, does the show temporarily become Emily in London and coincidentally, will Darren Star be arranging a Samantha Jones cross-over into Emily’s less problematic (for now) world?”

“Please let this be a thing soon,” they added.

Another Emily in Paris fan has tweeted: “It would be wild if Emily went to see Alfie in London and ran into Samantha Jones.”

A third viewer also wrote on Twitter: “Pitch: Emily is over Paris and moves to London to work for Samantha Jones PR.”

Kim Cattrall is yet to respond to calls for her to join the Netflix series, but we’d personally LOVE to see it happen…


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