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And Just Like That fans are shipping a VERY unlikely couple

WARNING! This article contains spoilers for And Just Like That.

And Just Like That fans are shipping a very unlikely couple.

On last week’s show, viewers were left heartbroken after Miranda Hobbes (played by Cynthia Nixon) ended her marriage to her longtime love Steve Brady (David Eigenberg) to pursue her romance with Che Diaz (Sara Ramirez).


In the latest episode of the Sex and the City reboot series, Steve turns to Miranda’s BFF Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) for answers about the sudden end of his marriage.

He asks her: “How long did you know about it, about her and this Che?”

“No need to get uncomfortable, I’m just trying to get some information here. This whole thing all came up on me pretty damn fast. Can you help me out here?”

Carrie replies: “All I know is what she said to me. That it’s not about being with women, it’s about being with Che. So, that’s all I can say.”

Carrie then steps back in her platform heels right into a container of paint and when she goes to wash the paint off her shoes, she accidentally drops Big’s wedding ring, which she has been wearing, down the drain of the sink.

Steve rescues it, and says he never intends to take off his own wedding ring.

He tells Carrie: “I don’t care what Miranda does, till death do us part. Never coming off.”

After watching the scene, fans took to Twitter to react to the chemistry between Carrie and Steve, with one writing: “This may sound crazy, but I’m shipping Carrie and Steve.”

And Just Like That follows Carrie Bradshaw, Charlotte York (Kristin Davis) and Miranda Hobbes as they navigate love and friendship in their 50s.

New episodes of the show join NOW TV and Sky Comedy every Thursday.


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