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The Top 10 TikTok Makeup Hacks of 2022

From lube primer and slugging to the clean girl look and contouring tricks, TikTok has introduced us to a lot of beauty tips and tricks this year.

Revolution Beauty have analysed data to identify the top 10 biggest TikTok make-up hacks that are actually worth the hype in 2022.

Take a look:

Soap Brows


Trying soap brows for the first time 🤔🤍 #foryoupage #fyp #viral #makeup #brows

♬ original sound – SUNRAE 🌞

The soap brow hack began in 2021, but in 2022 it has had a resurgence with TikTokers reigniting the trend as a way to hop on the bushy brow trend.

All you have to do to achieve the look is take a clean spoolie, coat it in soap (using a soap bar or the West Barn Co Soap Brows), and brush your brows in the direction you want them to go.

The hack can help to shape your brows and keep the hairs in place for longer periods of time.

Brow Mapping


wait bc it actually kinda helped? Or maybe I just ruined my brows idk

♬ house of cards – ‘•.¸♡♡¸.•’

Brow mapping is an eyebrow shaping technique that uses the structure of your facial features to discover the perfect shape for your eyebrows.

By focusing on key areas of your face, specifically the eyes, nose and cupids bow, you can achieve salon quality symmetry in your brows.

The ‘Eyebrows’ filter by @gracemchoi on TikTok helps you achieve these perfect brows.

Clean Girl Makeup


no makeup makeup. should I post part 2? Ib @xolizahbeauty #makeup #beauty #makeuproutine

♬ original sound – xolizahbeauty

The ‘Clean Girl’ makeup trend is all about looking glowy and fresh.

According to research by No7, there are five main products you will need to nail the “clean-girl” trend — exfoliator, sunscreen, glowy primer, cream products, and brow gel.

Follow the above tutorial to achieve the “no-makeup makeup” look.

Fake Tan Contour


dky tiktok removed this as it was gettin views aswell 😖😖 #GoBoldColorista #LiftYourDream #xyzbca #contour #faketan #london

♬ original sound – meme rivera ミ☆

Have you tried tantouring yet?

The viral beauty hack involves applying fake tan to your face like you would with a contour product. The result is a natural, long-lasting contour that defines your face.

Half Lash


Half lashes are the best for beginners #fyp #foryou #lashestutorial #falselashes #makeuptutorial #naturalmakeup

♬ Quien Piensa en Ti – Remastered – El Trono de México

Beauty gurus are loving the half lash look, which can be achieved by cutting your fake eyelashes in half and applying them to the end of your lashes.

This will make your natural lashes appear thicker and will add length to the outer edge lashes for a subtle, but very pretty look.

White Concealer


This stressed me OUT

♬ Essence (feat. Tems) – WizKid

If you want to get that bright Kardashian-undereye look, then this might be the beauty hack for you.

Using white concealer will help to brighten your undereyes, as well as lift your facial features.

We recommend the LA Girl PRO.conceal HD High Definition Concealer in the shade Flat White Corrector.

Lipstick Blush


Reply to @chenniweeny the girlies want an orange blush #makeup #beautytok #makeuphacks #foryoupage

♬ original sound – Darcei

The lipstick blush hack involves using a bright red lipstick to contour your face with.

Apply your chosen lipstick to your forehead, cheekbones, and down the center of your nose, then using a brush to blend it into your skin.

Repeat using a bronze contouring stick, and then apply some concealer, before adding your foundation.

Under Eye Blush Hack


Just sayin 🤷🏻‍♂️ #makeup #beauty #fyp #SmellLikeIrishSpring #UnsealTheMeal

♬ Under Eye Blush – SPENCER

TikTokers have discovered that dotting a small amount of pink liquid blush under their eyes with their concealer and buffing both products in can get them that ultimate baby doll flawless makeup look – made famous by the likes of Kim Kardashian and her make-up artist, Ariel Tejada.

The technique aims to achieve a bright under-eye, with the pink blush acting as a colour corrector to hide any dark circles alongside a seamlessly blended cheek blush.

Continuing the pink tones up to the under-eye helps avoid any unblended lines between your cheek products and concealer. 

Dot Contour 


New contour hack- dot🟤 Yes or no?💕 Using Sun Sculpt Liquid Contour from @SHEGLAM 💞 AD #contourhack #contouring #contourtutorial #doanddont #makeuphack #viral #foryou #sheglam #contouringhacks #sheglamcontouringhacks #sheglambeauty #makeuphacks

♬ original sound – Tori

This super-simple contour hack involves placing your contour product in the hollow of your cheek and blending it out gently using a fluffy brush.

It results in a softer, more natural looking contour with no harsh lines.

Eyebrow Pencil & Blush for Lips


your perfect lip shade🤤💕 would u try this? ib: @Kenzie B 🐝 AD using @Benefit Cosmetics UK precisley my brow pencil in 3.5 #makeup #lipstick

♬ original sound – Kenzie B 🐝

According to TikToker @yokenzieb , your perfect lip shade will be your eyebrow pencil for lipliner and your favourite blush as a lipstick.

Top it off with a gloss and apparently you have the ultimate combo for your lips.


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