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What is slugging? Everything you need to know about the viral beauty trend

Slugging is the latest beauty trend to go viral.

The skin care technique is a K-Beauty trend that originated in South Korea, and it has been all over our TikTok FYPs in recent weeks.

It involves putting a light layer of a petroleum-based product, such as Vaseline, over your nighttime skin routine to lock in moisture.


Slugging changed my skin #winterskin #dryskin #lenasrecs

♬ original sound – Lena

The texture of the product resembles the slime of a slug, hence the trend’s unusual name.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), petroleum-based products can help relieve dry skin by providing moisture, making your skin look more youthful-looking and glowy.

To try out this trend, simply cleanse your face before going to bed, apply a serum and moisturiser, and then layer on the petroleum jelly.

In the morning, wash the products off your face to reveal beautiful, glowing skin.


Reply to @dayzzz98 it has also decreased my redness GREATLY #slugging #bagbalm #skincareroutine #skincare

♬ original sound – faith 💫



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