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Browtastic: Eylure Brow Crayon review

I used to fill my eyebrows in using a dark brown eye shadow and brush which worked fine for short term use but as the day would progress my eyebrows would fade away so I needed a long term solution.

I was delighted when Eylure sent their latest Brow Crayon to Goss HQ as I have dark brows I chose the No.10 Dark Brown.

The eyebrow stick is of a crayon texture and is super easy to apply. All I did was draw along my brow and it gave a darker, fuller effect.


Before I tried out Eyelure | SORCHA CRILLY


After: I loved my new look | SORCHA CRILLY

This product is also hugely adaptable to night wear. All you have to do is apply an extra layer to give a more intense night time look which works very well for my hectic schedule.

Eylure Brow Crayon comes in three shades, Dark Brown, Mid Brown and Blonde.

I give this product 3/5 as it doesn’t come with a brush which would be handier for blending but aside from that I am very happy with my fuller, darker, long lasting eyebrows.


I’ve also been sent in some more Eylure products which I will be reviewing in the coming weeks.

Checkout the Eylure Brow Crayons here.


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