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3 Period Tracker Apps That Actually Work

We can all agree that one of the most annoying parts of being a woman is having to deal with periods, and having to keep track of them.

Thankfully there are now plenty of apps to help us do this, but with so many out there it can be hard to find one that actually works.

Period tracker apps can help determine when your period will arrive each month, how long it will last, and how severe your cramps may be on a particular day.

They can also tell you when you are likely to be the most fertile, whether you’re avoiding pregnancy, or trying to start a family.

On top of that, period tracker apps can help identify any changes to your menstrual cycle, which may alert you to potential health issues.

There are so many benefits to using a period tracker app, and most of them are absolutely free to use on Android and iPhone.

So with that being said, we’ve listed three of the most highly-rated period tracker apps for you to try out yourself.


Flo is probably the most popular period tracker app on this list, with over 800k ratings on the App Store.

Based on advanced AI technology, Flo helps you to monitor your cycle, fertility, or pregnancy accurately.

As a one-stop solution for all things female health and well-being, Flo provides all-in-one tracking for period start date and length, fertile window, peak ovulation days, PMS symptoms, flow intensity, birth control, water intake, sleep and step counter, and much more.

Download here: Android / iPhone


Another highly-rated period tracker app is Clue.

Dubbed “more than just a period tracker”, the app uses science and data to help you learn how your menstrual cycle affects your mind and body.

With Clue, you get period, ovulation and PMS predictions you can trust, detailed insights into how factors such as skin, stress and energy levels can change throughout your cycle, and a science-backed reproductive health encyclopedia at your fingertips.

You can also set customizable reminders so you are always prepared for what’s coming. 

Download here: Android / iPhone

Period Calendar

Period Calendar tracks and predicts your period, ovulation and fertile window, shows your pregnancy chance every day, and can record intimacy, BBT, and so much more.

The app also features a handy pill reminder, which won’t let you miss taking any medication, supplements, or the contraceptive pill.

Download here: Android / iPhone


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