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UTV Ireland's Jenny Buckley 'I don't take any notice of station rivalry'


Weather woman extraordinaire Jenny Buckley has opened up about the rivalry between Irish TV stations.

The pretty TV star admitted that the she hasn’t thought about her stations competitors.

“To be honest, I don’t (think of them) at all, I don’t have time to but I see it for what it is and just enjoy it for what it is,” she told Goss.ie.

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Too busy: Jenny has admitted she doesn’t take notice of the station rivalry | BRIAN MCEVOY

Excited to be apart of the new station, Jenny has admitted that joining UTV Ireland has been an absolute joy and she’s loving her new role.

“It’s unbelievable exciting and you just strive to make it the best it can be so everyone is really contentious,and working hard, there’s loads of new ideas, new shows so yeah it’s an exciting time.

“It’s going really well, just in a really good place at the moment,” she explained.

“I suppose with the shift I have, it doesn’t start until the afternoon so I have my mornings free so I can get other work, voiceovers kind of stuff and I have time to spend time with my daughter.”


Loves her new role: Jenny admitted she’s loving her job at UTV Ireland

“It kind of ticks all the boxes and I’m loving it in there, great crew and we’re having the craic,” she smiled.

Up for the Best Newcomer Award at the VIP Style Awards, the bubbly blonde couldn’t contain her happiness at being nominated for the honour.

“I’m so excited, I’m actually couldn’t believe it on Friday when I got the call, I was like ‘Are you sure?’ so I’m absolutely overjoyed, it’s brilliant.”

“I’ve always really enjoyed the Style Awards…my life will be consumed now for the next seven weeks for the search,”she smiled.