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Shane Filan on One Direction split: 'a lot of bands end up not getting on'


Shane Filan has opened up about the One Direction splitĀ admitting it’s difficult for bands to stay together.

The solo singer was talking to Eoghan McDermott on 2fm about the news about 1D taking a break.

“You never know they might just want to do different things for a year or two or they might want to experiment, they’re still young lads, they want to act or do something. to be at that level and keep it going a lot of bands end up not getting on and that’s when it’s not good,” he said.

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One Break: 1D are taking a break next year

The Sligo man who was once in the biggest bands in the world before One Direction formed agrees with their decision to take a hiatus.

“They’ve been flat out for five years so I think a break probably is a good thing but they’ll come back fresh after a year or two they’ll come back with an album, they’ll have millions of fans just waiting for it, it will probably be bigger. It’s one of those things you can’t keep going at that pace,” he told Eoghan McDermott.

Niall Horan recently told his legion of Twitter fans that they are only taking a break and not splitting up and Shane said how Westlife were the same constantly working and touring.

“We did it, we kept going all the way along but I’d say they haven’t been in Ireland in six months, you know that kind of way on tour and obviously with social media now it’s fairly flat out. The boys I’d say they probably need a break,” he added.