Home Beauty Marissa Carter's 'tantouring' technique makes it to Teen Vogue

Marissa Carter's 'tantouring' technique makes it to Teen Vogue


Fake tan guru Marissa Carter has made it to the pages of Teen Vogue for her recent tanning trend, tantouring.

Developed by Marissa, tantouring is the latest contour craze hitting the beauty scene – where you sculpt and accentuate the face using self-tanner.

The technique involves using makeup brushes and different shades of self-tanner to create dimension.

Guests arrive at the Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter at Residence

Tantouring: Cocoa Brown has been given a major boost in the US  | VIPIRELAND.COM

Although the fashion bible’s younger sister didn’t seem keen on the new trend, they still made sure to give Cocoa Brown a massive plug to US readers.

“We can already envision the beauty blunders that could happen, and it’s part hilarious, part terrifying,” the mag wrote.

The new techinique – which contours your face using tan, already made it to the Mail Online

kylie tan2

Worldwide: Kylie Jenner plugged the brand | INSTAGRAM

This is the latest boost for the Irish tan, which sold-out across the states after Kylie Jenner shared a picture of her using the product on her social media.

“Used my @cocoabrowntan earlier from @marissacarter I love it. Shows results in 1 hour #SelfTan #CocoaBrown #1HourTan,” the reality star tweeted in June.