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Lorraine Keane reveals all on her new chat show: 'The guests are extremely well known'


Lorraine Keane has opened up about her upcoming chat show and admitted that the series is a dream come true.

The TV star impressed UTV Ireland bosses earlier this year with her in-depth interview with Josh Groban and now she’s getting ready to film a new six episode series.

“This is what I’ve wanted for a really long time,” she said.


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“Every presenter will tell you that the real privilege in this business is to be given the opportunity to ask questions and talk and be paid for it so we all love the idea of a chat show.”

Lorraine has also promised that the celebs she’ll be chatting to are “extremely well-known”.

“The people I’ll be interviewing are extremely well-known and it will be a mixture of Irish and international stars.”

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“With my show, it’s a moveable feast so I’ll travel the world to get the right star,” she explained.

The 42-year-old’s gig is part time which means Lorraine has the best of both worlds.

“I’m in UTV Ireland three days a week which is bliss. When you’ve got two children it’s just great, so long may it last,” she told The Herald.