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Louis Walsh admits: 'Years in music business has left me deaf'


Louis Walsh has admitted that years of working in the music business has left him going deaf.

The music manager has spent years listening to the sounds of boy bands and their screaming fans and reckons he could one day need a hearing aid.

The Mayo native explained he first noticed the problem when he was a judge on The X Factor was struggling to hear the contestants during the live auditions.


Damage: Years of being in the music biz has damaged Louis’s hearing | TOM DYMOND

“I was trying to look at them because when I could see their faces I was able to lip-read. I could always hear Mel though! She’s loud,” he told the Mail on Sunday.

Louis booked a hearing test after his fellow judges poked fun at him with the audiologist confirming that a lifetime of concerts had impacted his hearing.

“Together with the natural wear and tear that occurs in our ears as we age, his hearing has been damaged as a result,” he said.

X Factor Judges at Jurys

Damage: Louis reckons he could need a hearing aid | VIPIRELAND.COM

However, the pop guru reckons he’s not the only X Factor judge with hearing problems.

“I know Simon will really take the mickey out of me for this but I’m sure my ears are as good as his. He’s getting old too.”