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Penneys unveil new safety measures – as they prepare to open on Friday

The popular chain is open again from this Friday


Penneys has released new images showing their new health and safety measures – as the popular chain reopens on Friday June 12th.

In a press release, the company shared photos from their flagship store on Mary Street Dublin, showing how spaced out tills will be, the use of new screens and placement of hand sanitisers.

While street access stores open on Friday, Penneys located in shopping centres will be back open on June 15th.

In a statement Penneys said all their products will be available in store “as normal” but that there won’t be any sales or special offers on opening day.

The company added that they are opening with “the same great products with employee and customer safety the highest priority.”

In the new store layout, Penneys have extensive health and safety measures that will be in place across all stores, including a strict social distancing protocol, personal protection for employees and customers such as hand sanitisation stations and Perspex protective screens at tills, and clear signage to help guide customers through the store.

Penneys stores across Ireland with street access will open tomorrow from 10.30am.

In a statement the company gave guidelines for how they will be protecting staff and employees:

“We have increased personal protection for employees and customers,” they wrote, adding the following list:

  • Hand sanitiser stations will be made available at the entrance and on the shop floor and back
    of house for employee and customer use
  •  Every second till is closed, in order to leave appropriate space between customers and between employees.
  • Perspex screens have been installed on open tills to protect customers
    and employees
  • Face masks and gloves are available to all employees if they wish to use them
  •  Customers are asked to sanitise their hands upon entry. Dedicated employees are on hand to assist customers if needed
  • All returns will be managed in line with government advice

  • We have removed all testers from the health and beauty department
  • We are encouraging card payments and contactless when possible to minimise cash
    interactions. Limits have been increased for contactless payments where this was possible
  • We have appointed dedicated employees to manage queues at tills and entrances to
    stores to ensure social distancing measures are being followed
  • Dedicated employees make sure hand hygiene stations are topped up and report any issues or concerns to the store manager
  • We have increased the frequency and intensity of in-store cleaning:
  • We have invested significantly in increasing the frequency and rigour of our store cleaning policy across all our markets: giving particular attention to high frequency touchpoints such as  tills, escalators, lifts, and employee areas in back of house

  • A deep clean of each store is carried out before re-opening
  • We have increased the frequency of cleaning throughout the day
  • We have introduced a basket cleaning system, so each basket handle is cleaned before use
  • Sanitising wipes are made available for employees to sterilise baskets and cashpoints