These Irish stores are doing something AMAZING for Black Friday

Stores across Ireland will be giving back to a very good cause


There are some stores around Ireland who won’t be offering the same massive discounts as other stores – but they are still doing something amazing for the festive season

British clothing company Fat Face began when two friends decided they wanted to ski on the French Alps forever so started selling t-shirts at ski resorts – and their small venture for avoiding work has become a massive franchise with stores across the world, including Ireland.

This Black Friday, Fat Face stores across Ireland won’t be asking customers to give anything but will be donating 10% of every purchase to a local charity.


Donation: Fat Face will be giving 10% of every purchase made to a local charity

As part of their Thanks For Giving event, Fat Face will be focusing on donating instead of discounting and giving to A Little Lifetime, the Irish Stillbirth and Neonatal Charity.

“Customers just pick a token at the tills and donate to our boxes for either the Fat Face Foundation or our chosen charity for Ireland, A Little Lifetime,” a spokesperson for the brand told the Irish Mirror.

“Last year in Ireland alone we raised €6000 for A Little Lifetime. It was their biggest single donation last year and it’s a charity that’s very dear to the hearts of our staff.”

Last year almost €225,000 was donated to the Fat Face Foundation and this money was distributed to charities within communities where Fat Face trades.

But they aren’t the only store doing their bit for charity – an Irish-run boutique in Kilkenny, Butterslip, will also be giving back on November 25th to a charitable cause.

The shop wanted to try something different for the busy sale weekend that would benefit those in need.

“Black Friday has become a thing, without us really thinking about it.  We imported it, we run with it, but I just wanted to question it, or see if we can do something better with it,” shop owner Anne told

“As a shopkeeper and human I am trying to tread a good line between consumerism – which we all enjoy and benefit from –  and being mindful of others who are suffering as we shop.

“So I decided that we would offer 20% off with a choice to keep that 20% or donate it to MSF in Syria. I choice MSF Doctors Without Borders as I have donated to them in the past myself. They are non political, non religious and work throughout the world.

“Its hard to prioritise when it comes to charity, and you shouldn’t have to. Many of us have causes near to our hearts. But I think this is a cause we can all get behind, one of innocent people living and suffering in a war zone. It doesn’t bear thinking about, but we have to.”