Irish film The Young Offenders win big at U.S. comedy festival

The film was the fastest film to break the €1million mark at the Irish box office


The Young Offenders have won many big awards at a U.S. comedy festival.

Loosely based on the real events of 2007 when €440 million worth of cocaine landed on the coast of Cork, the hilarious film follows two young boys cycle 160km to find one bale of cocaine worth €7million while being pursued by police.

The Irish-made movie has won Best Feature Direction, Best Feature Screenplay and Best Feature Film at the L.A. Comedy Festival.


Winners: The film took home three awards at the L.A. Comedy Festival | IRISH FILM BOARD

Another huge win for the film was for lead actors and newcomers Alex Murphy and Chris Walley who star as Conor and Jock respectively.

The actors were presented with the Ros Hubbard Award For Acting at the Irish Film Festival London and the film also picked up the Suil Eile award.

The Young Offenders is one of the most popular Irish film’s of the year being the fastest Irish film to break the €1million mark at the Irish box office this year – and now there’s talk that it’s set to become a TV show.

The Young Offenders is still showing is cinemas nationwide.