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How often do men think about the Roman Empire? The new trend on TikTok explained

The human mind is an enigma in its own. To top that off, men and women operate differently too.

For example, men often think about the Roman Empire. And by often, that can mean from 4 or 5 times a week, to twice or three times a day.

Somehow, nobody said a word about it until it started popping up as a new trend on TikTok, as people started asking their boyfriends how often they think about it.

So here is everything we know about this trend, and where it came from:

Who started the Roman Empire trend?

It turns out that this was introduced by a Swedish influencer, Saskia Cort, when she decided to date men after only dating women for 5 years.

After being treated horribly by men, she posted a Q&A on her Instagram asking her followers what men eat and think about. One of her followers said that she asked her boyfriend and he said 1. Nothing 2. The Roman Empire.

That’s when this phenomenon exploded in Sweden, and people started going crazy asking the men in their lives this question, flooding Saskia’s DMs with the responses.

A year later, someone asked the same question in English on X – formerly known a Twitter, and ever since then this trend has spread internationally like wildfire.


I am in disbelief #romanempire #romanempiretrend #trend #boyfriend

♬ original sound – Kara

What do men actually think about the Roman Empire?

Most of their responses are something along the lines of “They did such cool stuff!” or “Have seen Troy or Gladiator?” Some thought the weapons they had were just really cool.

There were also a few who were fascinated by the Roman stoics like Marcus Aurelius.

Why do men think about the Roman Empire so much?

Some people on the internet seem to have an explanation as to why this has become such a big thing.

A few TikTokers actually dug deep and did some research into why men think about the Roman Empire so much.

A handful of TikTokers theorised that masculinity is most associated with the Romans. The Colosseum, Gladiators and the fact that the Romans had actual Emperors.

The Roman Empire was among the biggest in ancient history – about 20% of the world. The rise and fall of it is still some of the most searched for piece of history online.


Roman empire, Trend explained

♬ original sound – ALEX

Men who are passionate about the empire have provided evidence to support their claims, asking, “Why wouldn’t I think about the Roman Empire?”

In response to a question, a user praised the Romans for building aqueducts, establishing running water, and popularising concrete for its durability and capacity to be set underwater.

In one hilarious TikTok video, a group of men and women are seen sitting together to watch American football.

But the minute the women leave, the men immediately turn to play a documentary about the Roman Empire.


“Thursday night football” #football #holyromanempire #rome #college

♬ original sound – Patrick Oatman

A few famous people have also adopted the trend.

Billy Ray Cyrus was questioned by his fiancée and Australian artist Firerose about how frequently he thinks about the Roman Empire every day.

The singer replied, “15 to 20, max,” much to the surprise of his flabbergasted fiancée.

15 to 20!???😂 #romanempire @Billy Ray Cyrus

♬ original sound – FIREROSE

Paris Hilton also jumped on the bandwagon by asking her husband Carter Reum how often he thinks about the Roman Empire.

He responded: “Eh, all the time. I think about togas… and the colosseum.”


Carter’s take on the Roman Empire. My takeaway? Togas. 😂 #RomanEmpire

♬ original sound – ParisHilton

America’s Got Talent judge Howie Mandel was also added to the list, when his daughter asked him the burning question.

Howie hilariously said that there isn’t a moment when he’s not thinking about the Roman Empire. He says that even up to the second his daughter asked him the question, he was envisioning himself in the Colosseum.


Roman Empire Trend with my dad @Howie Mandel

♬ original sound – Jackelyn Shultz


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