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From yoga to removing gel nails – Here are the BEST DIY influencers to follow

As the current coronavirus crisis means we are spending more time indoors and alone than ever before, many people are turning to the internet to structure their days.

From tips on working from home to how to remove those gel nails you had applied before the outbreak, some if the best Irish and global content creators are sharing ways to adapt during this period of social distancing.

Whether you want to keep attending your regular yoga class or want tips on spring cleaning now that you’re at home more often, here are some of our favourite DIY creators to follow:


Daily Yoga with Maura Rath

Yogi Maura Rath is continuing her classes online now that her studio in Blackrock, Dublin is closed due to the virus outbreak.

Followers can start or end the day with a stretch with Maura, who is sharing twice daily yoga videos and live virtual classes at 8am and 5pm every day.

Working From Home with Andy

Irish YouTuber Andy is helping people who are adapting to working from home.

If you’re new to working from home, his Smart Life YouTube series has lots of tips for how to maintain productivity and enjoying the additional time at home.


Makeup with Jen Morris

Now is the perfect time to master the eyeliner flick you’ve always wanted to achieve, or learn how to take your night-out eyeshadow from patchy to professionally blended.

Learn from the best as Jen Morris, formerly known as TooDollyMakeup, continues to upload her beauty tutorials in the midst of the coronavirus crisis.


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Cook up a storm with Clodagh McKenna

Clodagh has been changing the quality of our cooking as she continues to create culinary content over on her instagram page.

From her simple, savoury hummus recipe to her egg-free carbonara, the health-full chef is posting an IGTV episode everyday at 5pm on Instagram. Episodes will include easy recipes for home cooking, growing vegetables and household tips.


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Nail SOS with Tropical Popical

Tropical Popical are championing the DIY nail trend that has hit social media.

With people across the country needing to remove their gel nails, shellac and nail extensions, Trop Pop is sharing the industry secrets with their followers to make sure everyone removes their nail art safely.


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