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Here’s what is coming to Netflix in December

A host of films and TV shows are being added to the streaming giant


Netflix have revealed what is being added to their streaming platform for December.

Ahead of the Christmas season, there are of course plenty of festive flicks joining the service, but that’s not all.

We have rounded out the best films and TV shows joining Netflix this month, and there is something to watch for everyone in the family.

The Holiday Movies That Made Us

This docuseries gives an in-depth look at two iconic Christmas movies, using behind-the-scenes footage and cast and crew interviews.

The Holiday Movies That Made Us will take a look at Elf and The Nightmare Before Christmas.

This festive series joins Netflix on December 1.

Cats & Dogs

Cats & Dogs is an action-comedy film perfect for family-friendly viewing.

The 2001 flick sees the furry friends go to war, as the cats try to obstruct the dogs plans to create a serum that would eliminate the canine allergies among the humans.

Cats & Dogs will hit Netflix on December 1.

Taking Lives

Angelina Jolie and Ethan Hawke star in this 2004 psychological thriller.

The film follows an FBI profiler is entrusted with the responsibility of hunting down a serial killer who assumes the identities of his victims after killing them.

Taking Lives joins the streaming giant on December 1.

The Prestige

David Bowe, Hugh Jackman, Christian Bale and Scarlett Johansson all appear in this star-studded flick.

The 2006 mystery thriller follows two friends and fellow magicians, who become bitter enemies after a sudden tragedy.

As they devote themselves to this rivalry, they make sacrifices that bring them fame but with terrible consequences.

The Prestige joins Netflix on December 1.

Angela’s Christmas Wish

A sequel to the much-loved Irish Christmas cartoon Angela’s Christmas, Angela’s Christmas Wish is a heart-warming tale of a determined little girl who sets out to reunite her family in time for Christmas.

This brand new adventure by writer and director Damien O’Connor lands on Netflix on December 1.

Just Another Christmas

Stuck in a time loop during Christmas time, a family man who hates the festive season starts to learn valuable lessons about what’s truly important in life.

Just Another Christmas will be added to Netflix on December 3.

Selena The Series

The highly anticipated show Selena: The Series tells the story of the late singer Selena Quintanilla.

The beloved star was shot and killed in 1995, just days before her 24th birthday.

The new series will follow the life of Selena, from her childhood to her rise to fame – with actress Christian Serratos portraying the star.

Selena: The Series joins Netflix on December 4.

How To Get Away With Murder (Season 6)

Season 6 of the popular thriller series joins Netflix this month.

The final season of the show continues following criminal defence lawyer and professor Annalise Keating, who teaches her closest friends how to get away with murder – as the title suggests,

The last season joins the platform on December 9.

The Prom

Meryl Streep, James Corden, Nicole Kidman, Kerry Washington, Andrew Rannells, Ariana DeBose and Jo Ellen Pellman will all take to the screen in this Ryan Murphy directed film.

The Tony-nominated musical tells the story of a lesbian high schooler barred from bringing her girlfriend to the prom, with a group of middle-aged Broadway stars fighting against the injustice.

This feel-good flick joins Netflix on December 11.

Tiny Pretty Things

Netflix have described this new drama series as “Black Swan meets Pretty Little Liars”.

The show tackles the highly-competitive ballet world, following dancer Neveah (played by Kylie Jefferson), who joins an elite Chicago-based ballet school, where a star student mysteriously fell to her death.

Tiny Pretty Things will be joining Netflix on December 14.

The Ripper

‘The Ripper’ is a four-part series about Peter Sutcliffe, aka The Yorkshire Ripper, who terrorised the North of England from 1975 until 1980.

In 1981, he was convicted of murdering thirteen women and attempting to murder seven others, and spent the rest of his life in prison until his recent death last week.

The documentary promises to show how the atrocious murders affected the country at the time, leaving women fearful for their lives.

Brought to Netflix by the creators of ‘Don’t F**k With Cats’, ‘The Ripper’ joins the streaming giant on December 16.

Mary, Queen Of Scots

Saoirse Ronan and Margot Robbie star in this 2018 historical flick.

Mary Stuart returns to Scotland in order to claim her rightful throne.

She attempts to overthrow her cousin Elizabeth I, Queen of England, but finds herself condemned to years of imprisonment.

Mary, Queen of Scots joins Netflix on December 20.

Ocean’s 8

This all-female lead cast sees Rihanna, Sandra Bullock, Anne Hathaway, Cate Blanchett and Sarah Paulson all take to the screen.

George Clooney, James Corden and Helena Bonham Carter also star in this hit 2018 comedy crime film, about a woman who is released from jail and recruits a special crew of seven women to steal a multi-million dollar diamond necklace from the Met Gala.

Ocean’s 8 joins Netflix on December 20.


Based on Julia Quinn’s best-selling novels, this highly anticipated period drama will follow eight close-knitted siblings of the powerful Bridgerton family as they attempt to find love.

Derry Girls’ Nicola Coughlan, Julie Andrews, Phoebe Dynevor, RegĂ©-Jean Page, Adjoa Andoh and Ruby Barker will all star in the series.

Bridgerton joins Netflix on December 25.

The Chilling Adventure of Sabrina (final season)

The final season of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina will be added to the platform in December.

The supernatural horror series sees Kiernan Shipka play half-human, half-teenage witch Sabrina Spellman – as she struggled to balance high school drama while also being the Queen of Hell.

The final chapter joins Netflix on December 31.