Home TV Love Island fans show support for Georgia calling Josh a ‘snake’

Love Island fans show support for Georgia calling Josh a ‘snake’

She has been praised for staying loyal to Josh


Love Island fans have come out in support for Georgia.

The Islander has been showing her dedication to Josh, by staying away from the new boys in the Villa and even resorting to sleeping on the couch.

Unfortunately for her, viewers at home know how his head completely turned after meeting new girl Kaz and subsequently sharing his bed with her.

In last nights episode, the pair were filmed kissing before going to bed.


Georgia won over viewers with her commitment to her relationship with Josh, after feeling extremely guilty about a kiss in the challenge ‘Raunchy Race’.

Dani reassured the 20-year-old promising her that he wouldn’t leave, “I don’t think Josh is going to bring back another girl.”

“It’s too much to lose with you. Trust me.”

“You both clearly do have deep, deep feelings for each other now.”


Dani continued, “You don’t want a stronger connection with anyone else and I doubt Josh does either.”

“I promise you Georgia, I promise you. Josh is not going to give up on you.”

Josh has admitted to having conflicted feelings, after his head was turned by Kaz.

He told the beach hut, “Definitely it’s confusing times for Joshy boy, very confusing times.

“On one hand obviously you’ve got Georgia back at the main villa, but then you’ve got Kaz in this villa and we’re talking and there’s good vibes going on.”

Fans, however, have come out against Josh calling him a “snake” as they believe Georgia doesn’t deserve Josh’s betrayal.

One wrote, “The producers of love island need to send Georgia a warning text about Josh because I swear to god if she’s dumped from the island because she stayed loyal I’m going to cry she’s too precious #loveisland.”

While another tweeted, “Can #loveisland please show Georgia josh is a snake. So she can move on and not be dumped it’s really sly to watch”

Other viewers recalled how good f a friend she was to her fellow contestants.

Love Island continues on 3e at 9pm tonight.