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The TOP Interior Design Trends For 2018

It's almost time for spring cleaning, take some home decor inspiration from the top 2018 trends


Spring is almost here, although it really doesn’t feel like it. February is the month of daffodils, Valentine’s Day, and the dreaded spring cleaning.

Spring time is always a great time to update your home, but most people won’t know where to start.

The newest interior design trends for 2018 are perfect for adding to the design you already have, which is perfect if you don’t want a complete fresh start.

The trends are all very minimalistic and can all be combined together or go by themselves.

1. Greenery

Get some plants into your house.

The addition of greenery into the home is huge for 2018. Green, leafy, long plants with neutral pots and decorations surrounding them.

Bringing the garden into the home is a simple and easy way of adding a burst of life into the room.

If you are weary of looking after real plants, get some fake ones. You will avoid the surplus of dead leaves that will fall to the floor and won’t have to worry about them at all.

2. Dark Vs. Light

Dark against light is the inspiration for so many homes at the moment. Clean, white countertops with accents of dark wood or black statement pieces are everywhere this season.

This look is timeless and is perfect if you want an Instagram-able home as this clean cut look is perfect for pictures. The defining dark wood is perfect for table legs and picture frames.

3. Metallic Accents

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Rose gold was THE trend of 2017 and it’s walking straight into 2018, along with its metallic friends.

Glittering metallic accents are what’s happening this year and can easily be added to any room; picture frames, hanging baskets, metal faucets the list goes on.

If you take anything away from this list let it be the use of metallic accents to update your home decor. No matter what style of home you have, metal will slot in perfectly. It is so versatile; it can go from shabby chic to regal and royal, all depending on its surroundings.

4. Rich Tones

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Rich, full bodied colours are all over the interior design world for 2018.

Muted out beiges and greys are out, it’s all about colours with a voice. Strong colours like tonal reds, earthy greens and aquatic blues stand up for themselves and don’t need too much decoration as they are a statement within themselves.

If you don’t want to change your home too dramatically but still want a revamp, grab a few cushions and blankets in a rich colour to make a noncommittal fashion statement.

5. Textures

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The use of different textures and fabrics is a new trend which we love.

Pillow cases with ribbed fabrics, fluffy blankets or glass table coverings; all of these different textures add another layer to the decor making it complete.

Faux fur bags and jackets are covering the high street this season, bring it home with faux fur rugs and pillows.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match all of these trends together, they all work beautiful in conjunction with one another.

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