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Kendrick Lamar wants lead role in Black Panther sequel

The rapper executive produced the film's soundtrack.

Credit: Danny Clifford/Hottwire.net/WENN.com

Kendrick Lamar has said in an interview with BBC Radio that he wants to be involved in the Black Panther sequel.

Lamar added that he doesn’t just want a cameo, he wants a super-villain part akin to Michael B. Jordan’s role of Erik Killmonger.

Lamar said that Killmonger was “loved and misunderstood” and would want to take on a role of similar calibre.

Lamar executive-produced the film’s soundtrack and contributed five new songs to the album.

Black Panther has grossed over $400m in US theatres and $700m worldwide

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According to ‘The Fadar’ Kendrick Lamar and TDE bought out 3 cinemas for kids to see Black Panther film.

The Children living in three housing projects in L.A. got to see the film for free.

Kendrick was in Dublin a couple of weeks ago with his tour, he was spotted in a local Dublin Gym.